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Men of the Light

To foster an environment for young men to develop into strong leaders; to provide a forum, in which, to discuss social, economic, and political issues; to prepare our young men for professional life by establishing opportunities to network and interact with various individuals from an array of background experiences and knowledge; and to promote and stimulate an appreciation for higher education.

March For Babies

To fund programs that help mothers have healthy full-term pregnancies and healthy babies. And if something goes wrong, information, comfort, and support are offered to families. Each year money and awareness is raised to help support the cause of researching the problems that threaten our babies and work on preventing them.

Alpha Academy

To inspire young minority males to improve leadership and academic skills while encouraging personal success, discipline, and growth by providing exposure to career and educational opportunities through positive relationships with mentors and role models.

Alpha League

We are a society of developing young men that are required to learn, practice and implement general qualities and characteristics of a leader.

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Reading, Writing, Rewards

William Wells Brown

Promoting scholastic achievement among elementary school students through literacy while also affording youth the opportunity to build positive relationships with caring adults.

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“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” — Steven Spielberg

Become An ALPHA

An Alpha Phi Alpha member’s greatest interest is outside himself. We value those who believe that their membership in Alpha Phi Alpha is the presentation of their personal commitment to time-valued words such as KNOWLEDGE, ACHIEVEMENT, SERVICE, INTEGRITY, QUALITY, HONOR, EXCELLENCE, and COMMUNITY.